About Us

Hello and Welcome to my blog.

My name is Chrishna and I am the author of the blog that you’re reading right now. Like many of you, even I’ve suffered from weight gain and constipation issues in my life. Until an year ago, I used to live a sedentary lifestyle (desk job, you know), which took a toll on my health in a negative way. That is when I decided to get back in shape and then my dietician suggested to first treat my gut problem. This is because, a bad gut is main culprit behind most common health problems we face today.

And, that is when I started to read different research studies conducted by experts and also followed several home remedies, which helped me treat my constipation problem in just a matter of weeks time (permanently). The main key to staying healthy is to eat healthy. There is no other way or workaround.

On this blog, I’ll be sharing all the tips and tricks (remedies) that helped me to cure my gut problem. Please feel free to send in any queries or suggestions regarding any issues and I’d be glad to help you.