Castor Oil for Constipation

Castor Oil may not be liked by everyone due to its bad taste, but it is packed with many wonderful health benefits. In particular, a lot of people use castor oil for constipation.

If you can tolerate the taste and side effects of castor oil, it proves to be one of the effective remedies to treat constipation problem.

In this article, I’ll explain how castor oil is made, how it helps in treating the gut problem, and the correct dosage.

What is Castor Oil?

Castor Oil for Constipation

Have you ever heard the name of Ricinus Communis plant? Weird name, isn’t it! The castor oil is nothing but the oil that is extracted from the fruit of this plant. If you’ve seen this weird plant, then look at the below picture. It can be seen mostly in California and several other states.

Please note that, you should never try to eat the fruit directly as it contains a very potent toxin called ‘ricin’, which will kill your cells if ingested into your body. Just a mg of ricin can be fatal to you. And, a whole fruit or few castor seeds can kill you.

Fortunately, the purified castor oil doesn’t contain any ‘ricin’ and can be safely used. Even the American FDA has approved the castor oil as ‘generally safe and effective’ and hence it is one of the best laxatives for constipation.

How to Use Castor Oil for Constipation?

The Castor oil should be taken orally like a juice. Unlike the other laxatives that takes some time to work, castor oil is very quick and effective. So, it is advised to take the castor oil by mouth during the day.

Coming to the dosage of castor oil, you should take 15 ml (1 tbsp) of the oil to treat constipation in adults. In case of constipation in children, it is recommended to take 1 tsp per day.

Note that the castor oil works best if taken on an empty stomach.

If you can’t stand the taste of the oil, then simply put the castor oil in the fridge for an hour and then mix it with any fruit juice of your choice.

How Long Should You Use the Castor Oil for Constipation?

As I said earlier, you’ll see very quick results (2 to 6 hrs) with the castor oil constipation remedy and hence it is not advised to the take it before the bedtime (like other laxatives). The best time is the day time.

Although, the results are positive, it is not recommended to use castor oil in the long term. This is because, the stimulant laxatives like Castor oil are said to reduce muscle tone in your intestines and may lead to chronic constipation in some cases.

How the Castor Oil Constipation Remedy Works?

Castor oil contains a fatty acid called ‘ricinoleic acid’, which binds the receptors situated on the intestine muscles. When the ricinoleic acid comes into contact with these receptors, it causes powerful contractions, thereby triggering a strong peristalsis movement and makes pooping easy.

Who Shouldn’t use the Castor Oil remedy for Constipation?

If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, it is advised not to use this castor oil as it could cause some adverse effects.

Castor Oil Packs for Constipation

A recent clinical research shows that the packs of castor oil helps in relieving constipation in the elderly people.

The experts have monitored the participants 7 days before, 3 days during and 4 days after using the castor oil packs. Surprisingly, almost 80% of them had no constipating problems for the next 10 years. It is possible as the oil consumption decreases the consistency of feces and straining during defecation, which causes a satisfying a bowel movement.